Disha Patani had a nightmarish experience!

Well, it is always great to have fans but for actresses these fans can turn into nightmares too. Many actresses are having problems with those who try to take advantage of beautiful girls in mobs posing as their fans. Shruthi Hassan, Samantha, Jyothika and now Disha Patani is added to the list after she sustained bruises when some fans tried to grope her in public.

Disha Patani showcased her talent in acting as well as her beauty in both her movies, Loafer and MS Dhoni. Especially, she made a name for herself as Priyanka, Dhoni’s love interest who died tragically in an accident. She was also a part of Dance Video along with Tiger Shroff and she was able to match to the speed and grace of Tiger in the video. Allegedly, they are in a relationship that developed during the shoot of the dance video.

Many actresses down south were treated like godesses and temples were built for them. But these kind of incidents bring in shame to fans more than celebrities. Disha came to town, for a jewellery shop opening and in the mad rush to get her autograph fans mobbed her and few I’ll mannered took advantage of the situation. Apprently, the scuffle during the incident was so bad that she sustained bruises on her hands and neck. Earlier Samantha slapped some one in the crowd for touching her inappropriately.

India, had always been a respectable country for its strong women mainly. But Lately with these kind of incidents it became evident that from Delhi to Kanyakumari to Goa to Bengaluru to Chennai to Mumbai to Hyderabad to a rural village sexually deprived perverts are roaming in the society and women do need protection to save themselves from these wolves. God Save our Country, Amen!