Disco Raja

Disco Raja has been in the making for quite some now. It has released today and is a do or die situation for Ravi Teja. Read our review to find out if the film has anything interesting.

Story: Disco Raja played by Ravi Teja is killed by the villains and a research organization finds his body and makes him alive through an experiment. Disco Raja wakes up but he does not know his past. The proceedings are shown in such a way that Disco Raja starts looking for his enemies who have killed him which forms the rest of the story.

Performances: Ravi Teja is at his stylish best in this film. One can say that he could have been used in a better way as there is a good scope for more entertainment for him.

Nabha Natesh is completely wasted in her role. Payal Rajput is pretty good but her track is boring. Vennela Kishore is very good in his role and evokes good comedy. Bobby Simha is very good as the main villain.

Ravi Teja

Second half
Slow pace
Routine narration

Analysis: Disco Raja has a very good concept and could have been made in a superb manner as the hero and his character are amazing. But V I Anand has showcased the scenes in a very dull way as there is no spice in the proceedings.

The entire first half is taken for character establishment and there is no great comedy or thrill during this time. The second half is also dull as the flash back is dragged for so much time and has no great fun. Payal and her track is a speed breaker.

Ravi Teja has accepted this film after listening to his character which is very good on screen and he takes it to the next level. But the additional elements are not that good making this flyer in many areas. Ravi Teja needs to surelybwait for another comeback hit.

Rating : 2.5/5

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