Disappointing opening for Friday releases

Akkineni Nagarjuna’s action thriller, Wild Dog and Tamil star Karthi’s family drama, Sulthan released yesterday. While Wild Dog managed to get decent word of mouth, Sulthan witness mixed reports from the audience.

As per the trade reports, both Wild Dog and Sulthan struggled to get a good opening at the box office. As per our sources, Wild Dog generated a share of close to Rs 1.2 crore share and Sulthan also collected almost the same amount of share on its first day in twin Telugu states.

As the opening day revenues for both the films are disappointing, the weekend collections are going to be crucial and will decide the box office verdict of Wild Dog and Sulthan.

While Wild Dog was directed by debutant Ahishor Solomon, Tamil director Bakkiyaraj Kannan helmed Sulthan.

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