Dil Raju’s statements contradict Pawan’s statements

The discussion, debates and statements on Pawan Kalyan’s speech from the pre-release event of Republic continue to go on. Tollywood has decided to distance itself from Pawan’s statements, with the TFCC passing an official statement that no individual’s personal opinions are reflective of theirs, and it is now even being said that Pawan’s brother Chiranjeevi is also opposing Pawan’s statements.

AP Cinematography minister Perni Nani said that he spoke to Chiranjeevi, who is said to have told Nani to not bring the industry into any political controversies, and that Pawan’s statement doesn’t reflect the industry’s opinion. Now, even producer Dil Raju has joined this list, with the producer saying that it was the industry that had approached the AP government and asked the government to make the process of buying tickets completely online so that there’s a transparency of the same.

Interestingly enough, Dil Raju was present at the pre-release event of Republic, where Pawan spoke and was seemingly in agreement with the actor’s statements. It now comes as a surprise that he has shifted his loyalties. Furthermore, when asked about the fact that the AP government cancelled all benefit and premiere shows of Vakeel Saab, and even objected to the film’s release, Dil Raju said that it’s a thing of the past, and should be forgotten about.

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