Dil Raju stepping up his Bollywood game

Regional and language barriers between films were broken with the Baahubali franchise, which became a massive pan-Indian hit, launching its star, Prabhas, into pan-Indian stardom, and turning Rajamouli into one of the most sought after directors in the country. Everyone from every industry is now looking to work in several other industries, with no more barriers.

Just like several actors are trying to go pan-Indian, even producers are trying to go pan-Indian, with popular producer Dil Raju being one of them. Dil Raju is one of the topmost and star producers of Tollywood and has produced films with almost every top hero in the industry. He is now signing back to back films with Bollywood stars, cementing his position in the Hindi industry.

Dil Raju is currently producing four films in Bollywood, all of which are remakes of Telugu films. These films include the remakes of Jersey, Hit, F2 and Naandhi. Dil Raju will be co-producing the Hindi version of Naandhi, which will see Ajay Devgn stepping into the shoes of Allari Naresh, with Devgn co-producing the film along with Dil Raju. The producer is most certainly upping his Bollywood game, with so many films in hand. It is now to be seen what other Bollywood films he will produce in the future.

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