Dil Raju achieves a rare feat with F3

Producer Dil Raju has been a part of the industry for a really long time now, having entered the industry as a distributor, and slowly rising to the level of a star producer. There was a time when every film that he produced turned out to be a major hit, and while that’s not been the case for the past few years, he is nevertheless consistently delivering successful films.

The producer achieved a rare feat in recent times with his recently released film F3. The film is the first one in Telugu, in the recent past, to not have been released on an OTT platform within 50 days of its theatrical release. The film completed 40 days in theatres recently, meaning that there are at least 10 more days before the film can be released on an OTT platform. While Balakrishna’s Akhanda was in theatres for more than 50 days, it was released on OTT within the 50 days span.

Given that there’s been a new rule that a film has to run in theatres for at least 50 days before releasing it on an OTT platform, it looks like Dil Raju is taking the first step towards standing by that rule. It is now to be seen who else will follow in his footsteps.

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