Did Kamal Hassan Change his Opinion on The Kerala Story?

  • June 3, 2023 / 08:45 PM IST

Amid the uproar surrounding The Kerala Stories, Kamal Haasan recently spoke out against movie bans.

Due to the numerous celebrities that have spoken out against the Kerala Story scandal thus far, it has been evolving with each new development. Speaking of debates, Kamal Haasan’s words against the Adah Sharma-starring film do not appear to be coming to a close any time soon. The actor backed the film’s prohibition in a number of states. Recently, he urged viewers to see the film while maintaining “suspended disbelief.”

The Kerala Story’s plot caused controversy before the movie was even released in theatres. After the movie was released in theatres, audiences were split; some believed the plot was based on real events, while others thought it promoted Islamophobia.

Veteran actor Kamal Haasan has consistently criticized and voiced his opinions against the film. The actor questioned the film’s veracity, saying that it was impossible for a movie to be based on real events if it said so on its poster. The Vikram actor recently observed, “Audience should go watch a film like The Kerala Story with suspended disbelief.”

According to a report, the actor said he would not forcibly remove any film from any area, but rather urge that viewers comprehend the film’s intent. “I wouldn’t ban any films; let them talk,” he declared. I would try to encourage viewers to comprehend the movie and what it is trying to accomplish. I answer questions like that since my movie, Vishwaroopam, was banned in Tamil Nadu. People are still perplexed as to why it was prohibited.

He continued, “There was a case between Raj Kamal Films and the Tamil Nadu government. We won the case and released the film. I wouldn’t advocate banning any film. As a matter of fact, I was one of the strong advocates in turning the certification board into a censor board and banning or editing films.” For the unversed, Haasan has been continuously calling The Kerala Story a propaganda film.

The actor also stated that “India is a free country and a film can be certified but not banned” during the ceremony. He advised viewers to go see a movie like The Kerala Story with a suspension of disbelief and then reflect afterward.

Given that he did not criticize the film this time, it appears that Kamal Haasan has altered his mind about it. Early claims by the performer that the film was based on 32,000 women were later modified to three. The actor admitted that although he hasn’t seen the film, he thinks a few things may have happened. I haven’t watched the movie, but I have heard good things about it, the man replied. According to what I could tell, certain things might have happened, but you can’t inflate the statistics or make it seem like a national emergency.

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