Dia Movie Review and Rating!

Heartwarming Kannada love drama, Dia has been dubbed in Telugu with the same title. Presented by Phanisree Paruchuri, RK Nallam and Ravi Kashyap have acquired the dubbing rights and released the film on Klapboard Productions’ YouTube channel on August 19th. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: The film mainly revolves around an introvert girl named Dia( Kushee Ravi) and her love story with college mate Rohit( Deekshith Shetty). But Rohit losses his life in a bike accident which leaves Dia in severe depression. This is the time when a guy named Adi( Prithvi Ambar) comes into her life as a good friend. Eventually, the bondage develops between Dia and Adi. But as a major twist, Rohit comes into the picture alive. What will Dia do now? Who will she pick among Adi and Rohit? To know that, you have to watch the film on Klapboard Productions’ YouTube channel.

Performances: Young actress Kushee Ravi’s acting is the biggest asset for the film. She literally lived in the role which has multiple shades in it and creates a solid impression among the viewers.

Kushee’s performance as an introverted girl in various emotions such as love, sad and depression is perfect and brings a lot of depth to the proceedings.

Prithvi Ambar is energetic on the screen and his chemistry with Kushee will be loved by the viewers big-time. Another actor Dheekshith Shetty is apt in his role and gave a decent performance.

Technicalities: Though the film has not songs, the background score by B Ajaneesh Lokanath is impressive as it carries the film’s mood nicely.

The cinematography work by Vishal Vittal and Sourabh Waghmare is apt for the film’s genre. The outdoor locations are captured well. Editing by Naveen Raj is sharp and done with perfect clarity.

Telugu dubbing work for the film is done superbly as the dubbing voice for the lead artists has been done in the right manner.

Analysis: The film director Ashoka KS’s idea of making an emotional love story is good and he did a convincing job in writing an engaging screenplay. Though the film runs at a slow pace, considering the emotional content and proper character establishment from the first scene itself, the pace is never a problem for the film.

Ashoka KS dealt with the sensitive concept neatly without added any commercial elements which indeed enhances the mood of the film. The film concept and the premise created for the film by the team will instantly take us into the world of Dia and make us hooked to the proceedings.

Verdict: Heart-touching tale!!!

Rating: 3/5