Dev is a film about an adventure junkie who falls for a career-oriented woman. What problems does he go through in love and how he solves them, is the major film about. This is Karthi’s second outing to give a complete romantic saga after Cheliya. Let’s find out how it is …

Plot:: Dev (Karthi) is a care-free adventure seeker and his friends find his attitude a big put off. They decide to play cupid in his life and Meghana (Rakul Preet) enters into Dev’s life. She desires him to be care-free whole life without any goal and that becomes a problem for them. How do they find each other again, is the story?!

Performances:: Karthi is trying hard to find a good romantic subject but he is falling short that perfect romantic epic. Once again he did put in his efforts but failed to lock a good script.

Rakul Preet Singh’s looks and her performance is the biggest negative for the film. She needs to be thought about her looks for sure. RJ Vigneshkanth, Ramyakrishnan, Prakash Raj are good.

Technicalities:: Velraj’s visuals are a plus point for the movie. But they didn’t have any depth and that is a big drawback to the entire movie.

Anthony L Ruben as an editor tried his best to make sense of all the footage but what could work as a TV movie is made into a theatrical. Hence, he couldn’t do anything too.

Harris Jayaraj as a composer tried his best to bring the absent emotion to the proceedings with his songs and BGM. Even though he won the race, the medal was robbed already by a lousy script.

Rajath Ravishankar as a writer and director seems to have zeroed in on a diary of one of his adventure junkie friends. It seems like the encounter of his friend with a person who left him and he seems to have added some masala to it. That masala is over-cooked under 250℃ heat, hence it becomes a lousiest screenplay, one would ever find.

Analysis:: The most interesting part of any love story is the romance between the main characters. We fall in love with the idea of such romance existing in our life. Basically, every romantic story is a fantasy of people watching the movie at theatres. When you can sell it in a definitive style, the movie becomes a classic or even watchable and relatable.

Here, Dev tries to bring two different worlds together. One ambitious and another care-free. Both needed to find a soothing middle ground but the movie acts like a boring and loud lullaby for the deaf. The movie could have been a watchable fantasy at best but ends up as an irreversible mess with a spine-less adventure.

Rating:: 1/5