Despite COVID, Vakeel Saab is on its way

COVID positive cases are increasing in India and likewise in the Telugu States. It is a worrying factor as we are coming out of the pandemic that gave us a huge shock last year. Vakeel Saab is scheduled for the release on April 9th and many have thought that with the rise in COVID numbers, Vakeel Saab might opt to postpone the release. But the makers have decided not to postpone and have opted for the confirmed release date.

The movie’s pre-release event will happen today. Though they thought of a huge gathering for the event, the alarming situation prevented so. It will be a very limited gathering.

Vakeel Saab is going to have a huge release in the Telugu States and as well overseas. With Pawan Kalyan returning to the silver screen after a gap of four years, Pawan fans are desperate, and rightly so.

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