Decoding the true pan-Indian formula

When director SS Rajamouli planned something so shocking as releasing the Baahubali franchise in Hindi as well, on a scale similar to how a Bollywood film would be released, everyone was shocked and wondered what the director was at. Upon the release of the franchise, though, it has become a coveted journey for every director and actor.

The number of pan-Indian movies and actors have increased since then, with everyone wanting to make their own mark on the country. Despite that, the success ratio of pan-Indian movies has been very less, with only Pushpa, RRR and KGF 2 turning out to be hits in recent times. Even Prabhas wasn’t able to impress the nation’s audience with his Radhe Shyam.

The main reason for this could be said that when films are made with one audience in mind, or with the sensibilities of one section of people, it is appealing to everyone. When the film is being made to appeal to everyone, it is ending up being all over the place, and a total mess, which is not resonating with anyone. Thus, it is probably time for filmmakers to asses the situation and make sure no more blunders take place.

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