Decent overseas price for Nithiin’s Rang De

If there is one region that hasn’t fully recovered for Tollywood is overseas. Telugu films the main market overseas is in the USA. Due to the second wave of COVID there, films aren’t doing the same business as before. Though Tollywood started recovery from Sankranthi in the Telugu States, the same is not the case with US markets. However, Jathi Ratnalu has changed this.

The movie is a sensational success there. It has crossed half a million dollars which is very huge considering the circumstances. It also proves the fact that US audiences are coming forward to watch the movies in theaters. The COVID cases are seeing a decline now overseas.

So, distributors, there are coming forward to buy more movies. Nithiin’s Rang De is one of the first films that is getting some decent price. It was sold for Rs. 1.5 Crores there. Venky Atluri has directed the movie.

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