David Warner adds his daughter in latest dance video

Australian Cricketer and Sun Rises Hyderabad IPL team Captain, David Warner started entertaining his fans from India by doing video tributes on TikTok to Indian songs. He made sure that he includes his wife in most of the videos as she is a dancer with rhythm and he can just shake his feet to the rhythm with his own kind of grace. People loved his videos and more than the couple, their daughter started stealing the limelight, with her impeccable energy in these videos.

He did a Mind Block song video without her and many fans asked him to include her. He did and danced to the same song with her in the background. Seems like the young one did not want to dance on the floor as the steps are too fast for her age. Well, even this video is going viral and he timed it perfectly, knowingly or unknowingly as it worked as a tribute for Superstar Krishna too and not just Mahesh!