Dark Web-series Review

Dark web-series is produced by German TV producers for Netflix. Writers Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese came up with time travel concept that is hell bent on challenging convictions. We have seen films like Predestination using such concepts to tell a mind-bending story and Dark seems to have taken inspiration from them. Mahesh Babu, Akkineni Naga Chaitanya also liked the series and recommended it to all of us to watch it. So, we thought even we should try to tell to our opinion on the series to our readers. Here you go ..


It is hard to just give you a synopsis of the entire timeline of the series as it jumps from 1888, 1987, 2020 and 2052 year timelines.

But to say in few lines, 4 families are affected by the worm hole that is situated under a nuclear plant. Children of these families disappear suddenly and it is due to the time travel through this warm hole. The plot is so seamlessly intertwined that the twists surprise us a lot. Even the change in the story movement is determined by these twists.

The kind of problems that these four families face has to be prevented by a brother and sister. They even to go parallel world to achieve this. How? Watch the series in original language with subtitles to know more …


The director of the series, who is also the writer, Baran bo Odar, is known for mind-bending screenplays and he has his own style of narration that is hard to determine as genre-centric. The way this story keeps jumping between timelines, it is not easy to think of it as a plot and write, too.

It truly borderlines on being true genius or utter scrap, when we take up such storylines. But Baran doesn’t lose his hold on the subject at any point. We feel like we are forced to concentrate hard on the narration even though it is very slow. At times, the twists don’t make sense, but the way they all are summed up at the end of the each season and the series, the genius of the writer is evident.

Even though the screenplay feels too slow at times, the makers keep giving us enough material to be hooked to the narrative. These kind of web-series are a change from the usual films and we should encourage them as much as we can.

Bottom line: A must watch

Rating: 3.5/5