Curiosity on Vijay’s opinion growing

Vijay Deverakonda’s much anticipated movie, Liger, directed by Puri Jagannath, was released today. The film was highly promoted all across India, and had a decent buzz surrounding it. The presence of Ramya Krishna, Mike Tyson and Ronit Roy created some buzz and interest in the film as well.

More than anything else though, the way Vijay Deverakonda was welcomed by fans anywhere he went to, in the country, and the way the actor hyped up the film caused a lot of intrigue surrounding the film, and how it was going to be. Moreover, with Vijay already collaborating with Puri on Jana Gana Mana, much before the release of Liger, the audeince was expecting the film to be a certain way.

Upon the release of the film today though, it is clear that the film has gotten mixed responses at best, with everyone opining that the only saving grace of the movie is Vijay, and that everything else feels stale and routine. With Vijay having hyped up the film as much as he did, everyone is now looking forward to seeing what the actor will have to say about the film’s ultimate result.

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