Crazy Uncles Movie Review and Rating!

Noted TV hostess and actress Sree Mukhi’s new film as the lead actress, Crazy Uncles has been carrying good buzz among the audience. Co-starring playback singer Mano, senior artiste Raja Raveendra and serial actor Bharani in key roles, the film had its theatrical release today. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: Set in a luxurious gated community atmosphere, three close friends Raju( Raja Raveendra), Reddy ( singer Mano) and Rao( Bharani) will be facing family issues with their wives. To get mental and personal relaxation, three of them will be searching for happiness on social media platforms. This is the time when a beautiful young lady named Sweety ( Sree Mukhi) moves to their apartment complex. Being good flirts, how will the three middle-aged uncles try to spend some quality time with Sweety? Will they be able to succeed in impressing Sweety with their naughty activities forms the crucial crux of the film.

Performances: All the three senior artists Raja Raveendra, Mano and Bharani did a decent job in their full-length roles. Though Mano is not a professional actor, he did a good job in the comedy episodes along with Raja Raveendra and Bharani. The chemistry between the three of them worked well as their facial expressions and comic timing throughout the film is impressive.

Coming to Sree Mukhi, her acting and screen presence in a few romantic scenes will be liked by the youth audience. The actress even crossed the line and acting in some bold scenes which will be a treat to watch for her fans and young generation audience.

Actor Posani Krishna Murali evokes good laughs in the given Yoga Guru’s role. Other artists, who did supporting roles are convincing in their roles.

Technicalities: The cinematography by Bala Reddy is decent as he used rich frames to deliver a quality product. Editing work is good but could have chopped off a few unwanted and lust scenes to keep the run time even crisper.

Music by Raghu Kunche is apt for the film. Be it songs or background music for key comedy scenes, Raghu gave what the film requires.

Production values are nice and the gated community culture has been showcased neatly with a fresh setup.

Analysis: Senior director E Sathi Babu, who is known for making comic capers has once again proved his strength with Crazy Uncles. Though a few repeat scenes in the narration come as a speed breaker, the director cleverly coated them with funny narration. Not to forget, the film has a nice message in the ending portions which has been dealt in a convincing manner.

The twists and turns in the narration are revealed neatly without any confusion which is the best part of the film. Darling Swamy’s story has no refreshing theme but his dialogues are good and enjoyable throughout.

Overall, Crazy Uncles is a passable comedy-drama with a good message towards the end.

Verdict: Assures good entertainment!!!

Rating: 2.25/5