Corona second wave: Will Tollywood peep at alternative options?

Due to the sudden spike in the Corona second wave cases across the country, the Indian film industry which has been suffering losses for the past year is in dilemma over filmmaking.

Keeping aside the pathetic situation of other film industries, Telugu cinema is blessed to have the most enthusiastic audience as they stood as the firm support to films which released after the Corona first wave.

Starting for Sai Dharma Tej’s December 2020 released Solo Bathuke So Better to very recently released Vakeel Saab, the Telugu audience encouraged almost every film which is a dream for other industries.

But the circumstances prevailing now are even more horrifying compared to the first wave and already noted films that were scheduled for a summer release are postponed as there is no clue on when the situation gets normal.

During the first lockdown times, while Bollywood and Kollywood biggies went for a direct OTT release many of our Telugu films were kept on hold by avoiding OTT release. Later, the films had a theatrical release first soon after the shutdown is lifted but the present scenario looks quite different as the virus is spreading like a wildfire across twin Telugu states.

During these hopeless times, will the filmmakers of all the big films like Tuck Jagadish, Love Story, Acharya, Akhanda, Khiladi, Narappa, Drushyam 2 among others go for an alternative option and fix a deal with the OTT platforms for the direct streaming of there respective films? Remains to be seen.

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