Concerns over Pushpa’s release only increasing

The trend of pan-Indian films and the craze for pan-Indian stardom became huge after the massive success of the Baahubali franchise all over India and after Prabhas became a household name in the country because of it. Post that, every big actor from every industry is trying their best to project themselves as a pan-Indan actor and is making pan-Indian films.

Actor Allu Arjun is making his first pan-Indian attempt with his upcoming film Pushpa, which is being made in two parts due to the large scope that the story has. The first part of the film, which is set to release on December 17th, is made on a huge budget, on a pan-Indian scale, and is scheduled to be released in all South Indian languages, along with in Hindi.

Considering the release plans of the film an the release date, it is to be noted that the film’s promotion should be done on a grand scale to amp up the anticipation. However, nothing of that sort has taken place so far. There’s also the fact that the situations in AP are not that friendly at this point, and with the lack of proper promotions in other states, concerns over the release and performance of Pushpa are increasing.

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