Concerns being raised ahead of RRR’s release

Tollywood had a lot of expectations on this January, and the Sankranthi season, with several big films ready for release. However, things turned out to be vastly different, with the number of coronavirus cases increasing in the month of January, due to which the release of the films had to be postponed. These films, RRR and Radhe Shyam, are now all set to release in March.

While Radhe Shyam is all set to release on March 11th, just a week away, RRR is set to release on March 25th. The promotions for both the films have already begun, but the most number of concerns are being aimed towards RRR. RRR is made on a significantly higher budget than Radhe Shyam, and despite considering Rajamouli’s market in the country, experts are wondering the movie will be able to break even.

The ticket price issue in Andhra Pradesh hasn’t gotten any better yet, despite the many discussions and negotiations with the AP government. And although AP CM Jagan agreed to increase the prices, it’s not by much. There’s also the fact that things have vastly changed with respect to the audiences going to theatres in the country, after the onset of the pandemic. As a result, it is being wondered if the film will be able to recover it’s budget. It is now to be seen what will happen in the end, with the film carrying massive expectations on it.

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