Commercial ads turn headache to Allu Arjun

A case has been filed against star hero Allu Arjun at Ambarpet police station by a person named Kotha Upendra Reddy. Getting into details, Allu Arjun recently appeared in reputed educational institution Sri Chaitanya’s commercial ad in which he speaks about the NIT and IIT ranks achieved by the institution.

Finding fault in the ad, Mr Reddy filed a complaint stating that Allu Arjun’s statement in the ad is misleading parents. The case is filed but there is no update on further action on it. Earlier, for promoting Rapido and degrading the TSRRC in the ad, Allu Arjun received advice from the state RTC chairman Sajjanar not to sign and take part in derogatory ad campaigns.

After facing setbacks, it looks like Allu Arjun should sign commercial ads by enquiring about their core concept or else they will bring him new headaches.

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