Cobra Movie Review and Rating!

Hero Vikram and director Ajay Gnanamuthu’s Cobra has hit the silver screens today. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: Madhi( Vikram) a maths teacher by profession who is working for a leading corporate person Rishi( Roshan Mathew) as a sleeper cell to commit murders. As a sub-plot, Madhi’s love life with Bhavana Menon( Srinidhi Shetty) will be showcased. As the film proceeds, during the halfway a twist in the tale arises. What is the twist and how will it effect Madhi’s life? What kind of unexpected incidents will Madhi fave further, forms the main USB of the film.

Performances: There is nothing new to say about Vikram and his performance as he is already a proved actor. In this film as well, Vikram did justice to the given role. His makeover in several get-ups add realistic texture to the proceedings in the first half.

Roshan Mathew is a surprise package in the film as the young actor impresses with his acting in the negative shaded character. Former Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan turned as an actor with the film and he is okay with his screen presence.

Lead lady Srinidhi Shetty is adorable on screen but her role is restricted to only a few scenes in the first half. The same is the case with young girl Meenakshi Govindarajan’s role which almost disappears in the latter half.

Mrinalini Ravi and the actor who acted her pair are okay in their respective roles. KS Ravikumar, John Vijay and other supporting artists are okay in their given roles.

Technicalities: Music scored by AR Rahman is a mixed baggage. While his songs are ignorable, the background score registers at parts.

The cinematography work by duo Bhuvan Srinivasan and Harish Kannan is good as the entire film is presented on a stylish note. The editing done by Bhuvan Srinivasan and John Abraham is not upto the mark.

The production design work is good as so is the case with the production values by Lalith Kumar’s Seven Screen Studio banner.

Analysis: Director Ajay Gnanamuthu’s core concept interlinking with mathematics is good and pre-shoot idea has novelty in it. But the main problem comes with the execution part as it lacks proper detailing and standard scene order.

The screenplay in the second half is a bit confusing as the audience are left clueless on flashback childhood portions in the film. Adding to it, the characters in the film also lack a proper detailing.

To summerize, Cobra is a psychological drama that has a good storyline but struggles from demerits such as rush proceedings and abruptly showcased portions in the second half.

Verdict: Lacks impact!

Rating: 2.5/5