Clashes nothing when content is supreme!

Tollywood filmmakers are usually wary when it comes to films clashing with each other, as their revenues are badly affected, with audiences preferring one over the other. However, there have been several instances in the past where this wasn’t the case, and two or more films that clashed at the box office turned out to be hits.

After a long gap, this has once again taken place in Tollywood now, with Bimbisara and Sita Ramam clashing at the box office, having been released on the same day. Many thought that this would badly affect the films, but that wasn’t the case, and both the films are now thriving at the box office. Audiences have fallen in love with both the films, and given that they belong to completely different genres, they are performing spectacualrly.

Given that these two films turned out to be good hits after nine weeks of disasters in Tollywood, they stand to prove that when content is supreme, and when films are available to watch at reasonable prices, doesn’t matter if two films clash, they will perform well at the box office.

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