Cinema Bandi Movie Review and Rating!

Netflix Telugu original content, Cinema Bandi has impressed everyone with its promotional trailer. Presented by successful director duo Raj and DK and helmed by Praveen Kandregula, the film was premiered on the streaming platform today. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: As showcased in the promotional video, an auto-rickshaw driver named Veerababu ( Vikas Vasistha) finds a costly camera. Being a movieholic, Veerababu with the help of his friend Ganapathy ( Sandeep Varanasi) decides to make a film with the camera. What kind of challenges will Veerababu and Ganapathy face in the process of making the movie? Will Veerababu achieve his goal by finishing the film? Who’s actual property in the expensive camera? To know answer to all the questions, you have to watch the film.

Performances: Young actors Vikas Vasistha and Sandeep Varanasi, who did the lead roles in the movie are apt in their roles as ambitious yet innocent village guys.

Their body language and the dialogue modulation in a typical village accent will evoke hilarious fun throughout the movie.

Various emotions in Veerababu’s character in the cinema making process are perfectly captured without missing the desire and intensity in the role.

All the other artists, who did different characters in this village drama are good and so natural in their roles.

Technicalities: Cinematography work is not that great as most of the film’s quality looks like an extended short film. Editing work is done perfectly as this 98 minutes film has hardly any unwanted scenes.

The music department has done the job neatly and elevates the emotional content in a beautiful manner without any melodrama. Production values for this low budget film are adequate.

Analysis: Director Praveen Kandregula’s story is simple and straight to the point but what shines and creates an impression instantly is his writing and flawless dialogues.

The premise he has created and the undercurrent presentation of the emotional content literally take the viewers into an imaginary and endearing world.

After hardly five minutes into the film, the viewers get hooked to the authentic narration and the setup which is possible only because of Praveen Kandregula’s perfect script work and paper editing. The climax portions may not get universal applause as the film ends on a plain note.

Overall, Cinema Bandi is a must watch film for its fresh setup and unique characterizations.

Review : 3/5

Verdict: Enjoyable Ride