Chor Baazar Movie Review and Rating!

Young hero Akash Puri’s film, Chor Bazaar has hit the silver screens today. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: Chor Bazaar opens with the robbery of 150 years old Nizam diamond at a museum in Hyderabad by a group of local goons. After a few twists and turns, the diamond reaches Chor Bazaar. To crack the whereabouts of the ancient diamond, the state minister ( Sunil) issues orders to the police department to find the diamond at any cost. How will a car tyre robbery gang leader named Bachchan Saab( Akash Puri) will be cornered in the diamond missing case? Will the government be able to recover the missing diamond, forms the crucial crux of the film.

Performances: Coming to his previous films, Akash Puri improved a lot in terms of acting. His voice modulation and screen presence bring depth to the proceedings to an extent.

The female lead Gehna Sippy is cute on-screen and her acting as a dumb girl is fine. Her chemistry with Akash Puri is showcased in a decent manner.

Yesteryear actress Archana made her re-entry with the film and she did her part decently as the hero’s mother. Noted actors like Subbaraju and Sunil quite impressively in their respective roles. Sampoornesh Babu who did a cameo role is not utilized properly.

Technicalities: Suresh Bobbili’s music is decent as all the songs are passable on screen. His background score elevates a few heroic scenes nicely.

The photography work by Jagadeesh is fine as the tried to showcase the rustic flavour in the film through his lens. While the editing by Anwar Ali is okay, the production values for this limited-budget movie are decent.

Analysis: George Reddy fame Jeevan Reddy directs Chor Bazaar. After making a critically acclaimed film, Jeevan Reddy’s idea of tilting towards a commercial entertainer is not a bad move he would have taken care of the proceedings from the scripting stage itself. The way he has showcased the robbery episode of the diamond from the museum looks silly and the robbed item missing from the Chor Bazaar is even over the top.

Keeping aside the robbery of the diamond episode, the way Jeevan Reddy executed this mass film on a regular template dilutes the mood of the audience. To summerize, Chor Bazaar is a routine template crime drama that has neither proper establishment scenes nor a gripping presentation. Except for decent performances from the lead artists, the film offers nothing new to the audience.

Verdict: Lacks solid presentation!

Rating: 2/5