Chiranjeevi’s Jail full Holiday pic!

Chiranjeevi did not become Megastar just because he did not face any opposition. In fact, he had tough box office fights with Superstar Krishna, Balakrishna, Sobhan Babu, Nagarjuna and Venkatesh until his range reached a level where he became Supreme and hence, he is given the title. Even with today’s stars he is able to fight at box office in terms of collections and that shows his longevity. Well, all this was possible because of his sense of humour. Yes, his most memorable performances have him coming up with comic acts like no one else.

His Auto Jaani character, Donga films, Annaya film and in fact, every film has one definitive comic act that only he can pull off. Even on social media he is not letting his fans miss that entertainment. He has been giving them good doses of entertainment regularly. Now, he came with this throwback pic and a comparative re-doing of the same photo calling 1990’s Joyful and 2020’s one as Jail Full Holiday. His comic timing is his major plus point, don’t you agree?

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