Chiranjeevi’s double treat on his birthday

Birthday celebrations of Mega Star Chiranjeevi are underway already. Chiranjeevi will be celebrating his birthday on August 22nd and the fans are already making huge arrangements to celebrate his birthday in style. Chiranjeevi is expected to give a message not to celebrate in a big way due to the ongoing pandemic. So the buzz will be high in social media. 65 top celebrities across the nation will be unveiling CDP of Mega Star Chiranjeevi.

Now coming to the filmy updates, there will be a double treat on Chiru’s birthday. Chiranjeevi is currently playing the lead role in the movie Acharya. It is expected that the first look of the movie will be unveiled on that day. Apart from the Acharya update, Chiranjeevi’s next movie will be announced too.

Chiranjeevi post-Acharya will be working with Meher Ramesh for Vedhalam remake. The film’s announcement will come on that day. These two updates will be something special for the mega fans for sure.

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