Chiranjeevi to step in and try to save Tollywood in AP?

The woes that Tollywood is facing in Andhra Pradesh are becoming worse by the day, with the AP government being relentlessly non-understanding of the film industry. The ticket fares in the state have been reduced so much so that more than 100 theatres in the state have had to shut down. The other theatres that are functioning are barely surviving, and despite the several requests made by Tollywood, and by theatre owners, and even despite the AP High Court’s orders, the AP government has decided to go ahead with its plan.

It is now being learned that Megastar Chiranjeevi has decided to step in and come to an understanding with the AP government. He is expected to meet with AP Cinematography minister Perni Nani very soon, and depending upon the kind of response that he gets from Nani, he is expected to get an appointment to meet with CM YS Jagan and discuss the issue further.

Several members of Tollywood have already met with the AP government in the recent past, but none of them has been able to sway their decision. It is now to be seen if Chiranjeevi will be able to do it.

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