Chiranjeevi to opt for a different strategy

Megastar Chiranjeevi is reportedly planning to change the release strategy of his upcoming films, given that his recent release, Acharya, turned out to be a huge disaster. Not only in terms of the talk that the film received, from critics as well as audiences, but the film even didn’t bring in big numbers, despite the star power of Chiru and Charan.

On the other hand, Chiru has three films lined up, Bhola Shankar, Godfather and Waltair Veerraju, with the first two being remakes, and the last being an original film. The initial plan was to release at least one of these films this year, and the other two, the next year. With the financial losses incurred by the producers, distributors and everyone else involved, from Acharya, Chiru is said to have decided to not burden anyone anymore this year, which is why he is said to have decided to release his films from 2023.

Godfather is the remake of the Malayalam film Lucifer, directed by Mohan Raja, Bhola Shankar is the remake of the Tamil film Vedhalam, directed by Meher Ramesh. Bobby is the director of Waltair Veerraju.

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