Chiranjeevi revealed the secret behind his “Urban Monk” look!

Megastar Chiranjeevi snapped everyone’s attention with his one highly unexpected snap. No one thought he would try a tonsured look as he never did so, in his 40 years of film career. But the actor did give a big surprise and people wanted to know what’s cooking behind that “Urban Monk” look. He finally revealed it.

The actor wanted to try a new look on him for one of his next films and as part of the many possible ones, he tried this new look on him. He liked it a lot and hence, shared it with everyone on the Internet. He released the behind the scenes footage on his social media pages on 15th September and we can clearly see that the technicians who worked behind his make up did their best to match his facial skin and make it look original.

Chiranjeevi thanked them for all their efforts and said that he is happy to see such great technicians at work as they can bring any look to reality with their craft. He did not reveal details about the project for which he tried this look. People speculate it is for Vedalam remake in the direction of Meher Ramesh. But is this look for a film or for any ad, we don’t have full clarity yet.

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