Chiranjeevi has everyone speculating with new look

Megastar Chiranjeevi will forever be one of the biggest pillars of Telugu cinema, after the legendary NTR and ANR. Chiranjeevi enjoyed the kind of craze and fanbase that no one enjoyed before him, and after him. Chiranjeevi is currently occupied with Koratala Siva’s Acharya and has the remakes of Lucifer and Vedhalam next.

The shooting of Acharya is expected to be wrapped up within a few days once it is resumed, and Chiranjeevi is expected to be shooting for the remake of Lucifer shortly after that. A recent video of Chiranjeevi, while he was wishing one of his friends, is currently trending on social media. In the video, Chiranjeevi can be seen with a white beard, which has given rise to a lot of speculations.

Some are saying that this could be the look for the remake of Lucifer, which is going to be directed by Tamil director Mohan Raja. however, some are saying that it is a general look, and is not for any particular film. Last year too, Chiranjeevi shocked everyone with a bald look, which made everyone think that it was his look for a new film, but it was later revealed that it was a prosthetic bald look, and not real. It is now to be seen if Chiranjeevi’s white beard is indeed for the remake of Lucifer, or if it is nothing at all.

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