Chiranjeevi, after a small gap tweet again

Mega Star Chiranjeevi just before the lockdown has made his entry into social media. He has opened accounts on Instagram and Twitter. Especially in twitter, Chiranjeevi has been a treat to watch, his comedy timing, his way of reacting to things in a funny manner, have all been enjoyed by Mega Star fans and Netizens. However, from some time, Chiranjeevi has been inactive on twitter. After June 21st he hasn’t tweeted anything. In fact, from June first week, he has reduced his appearance on Twitter.

Many have wondered what happened that Chiranjeevi who is so active these days has stopped tweeting about anything? While there are many speculations over this, Chiranjeevi has finally tweeted after a few days. Chiranjeevi has responded to an inspirational person post.

It is about the postmaster D Sivan who traveled daily 15 kilometers as a part of his duty. He used to walk along the forest roads, braving wild animals, slippery roads, etc., Not even a single day he has failed. Chiranjeevi has now appreciated the man. After a few hours, Chiranjeevi has also prayed for the speedy recovery of Amitabh Bachchan who has been recently tested as COVID-19 positive.

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