Chinni Movie Review Review And Rating!

Keerthy Suresh’s upcoming Chinni has been talked about for a few days now, especially after the release of its trailer. The movie has been released on Amazon Prime today, and here’s how the movie has fared.


Chinni revolves around Chinni (Keerthy Suresh) and her brother Ranga (Selva Raghavan), who set out on the task of seeking revenge on the people who have been the reason for the death of their parents and for Chinni’s abuse.


Keerthy has already established herself as a highly capable and talented actor with her many roles in various films. However, Chinni brings out a new angle in her, as the audience gets to see Keerthy is an aggressive, cruel and unforgiving role. She nails down every bit of her character with all the nuances.
Selva Raghavan has predominantly been known as a prolific writer and director and has only been seen in short roles or cameos in other films so far. This film shows the audience the actor in him. Selva, too, nailed every bit of his performance and is highly convincing in his role.


There are very, very few female cinematographers in the industry today, and one of them is Yamini, who elevates every frame with her lighting and mood. Everything is perfectly set up to reflect the mood and intensity of the scene, heightening the audience’s experience and also the storytelling.
Sam CS’s music is another asset for the film, who provides an apt background score, which flows with the unravelling of the story on the screen, and never dominates any frame, but simply adds to it.


The director has chosen a simple revenge story but elevates his story with the grittiness and rawness that he brings to it. He has also chosen his actors perfectly. And given that he has chosen Selva Raghavan, a veteran director known for his expertise in the field, and managed to convince him for the role, speaks volumes about how capably he handled the project.

Chinni is definitely not for the faint-hearted as it deals with a few rocky subjects. It’s also very raw and doesn’t hold back anything, especially its violence. So watch it if you can keep up with the goriness and the violence.

Rating: 3/5