Chi La Sow picks up in ‘A’ centers!

“Several films have universal appeal still their making style and writing differentiates in connecting with certain crowds. There are many examples of such films from past and they all are called as “Centre-specific” films by Trade Experts. They call them ‘A’ center or ‘B’ n ‘C’ center films looking at their genre and where their performance is better. Right now, Chi La Sow appears to be comfortably sitting in ‘A’ center film category.

“The reviews for the film have been positive and general mouth talk has also been good. The movie lacked behind Goodachari in overall openings but stand close to the film in many ‘A’ centers. On Saturday, the movie picked up momentum even better and the booking confirmation that the movie has gone past Goodachari in several cities where the multiplex audience is more. It is doing good in towns but the massy crowd is preferring Goodachari and hence, it appears to be leading in the overall contest.

“Well, Rahul Ravindran and Adivi Sesh are friends and they may not mind such healthy competition. Even for Akkineni family, both movies are a sort of comeback for two actors in the family, Sushanth, and Supriya. So, it seems like a win-win situation for both parties. But Brand Babu is unable to give any fight to both the films, unfortunately. Sushanth after a long time is gaining praises for his performance and the actor is enjoying every minute of the success.