Cheekati Gadilo Chitakkottudu

Irrattu Arayil Murattu Kuthu is remade as Cheekati Gadilo Chitakkottudu in Telugu. The cast is filled with literal unknowns and it is said to be an adult ghost comedy. Let’s see how it is …

Plot: A bachelor, Chandu (Adith Arun) is a playboy as he keeps changing girls just like that. His parents try to get him married but every girl rejects him on the basis of being a boyfriend of their friends. Pooja (Nikki) whose parents want her to be married to a sex expert find Chandu for her.

They ask both of them to go for a trip in Bangkok and ask Chandu to at least perform sex for 25 minutes with their kid and then only, they say that they will marry her off to him. Chandu asks Siva (Hemanth) and his girlfriend, Kavya, who is the ex-girlfriend of Chandu, to accompany them. In Bangkok, they happen to stay at a big bungalow that is haunted by a virgin ghost who wants to have sex with virgin boys. What happens next? Watch on screens …

Performances: Adith Arun is serious even in a funny over-the-top film and he seems to not have that cunning face required in such a role. Even his comic timing is way-off.

Nikki Tamboli doesn’t have any clue about acting. Posani Krishna Murali, Satyam Rajesh, Raghu Babu, Taagubothu Ramesh are not used properly. They all become mere props after a point.

Mirchi Hemanth, Bhagyashree Mote, Sayantani Guhatakurtha, Madhimitha all ham to the power of hamming and they lack charisma and comic timing too.

Technicalities: Music Composed by Balamurali Bal is really an ear-soar. Not even one song has any quality to talk about.

Cinematographer Ballu tried his best to not over-do things. For the most part of it he showed restraint from overtly focusing on bossoms and skin show.

Editor Prasanna GK tried to keep the movie pacy still it feels like it is overlong and boredom is inevitable. Definitely, script did not work for him and his cut.

Directed by Santhosh P. Jayakumar, the movie feels like an exercise that we don’t want to do at any cost. The movie moves at a bearable rate but the comedy doesn’t really work other than for some simple puns. The tone of the original, directed by the same man, is delightfully vulgar but here he chose hammers than actors. Hence, even though he tried to do the same, he did not have any support from the cast.

Also, he seems to be more happy to have on-the-face comedy than hinting at the things. Such crass tone at times makes us cringe and ask for a better joke or even a better actor. He did not repeat him at the best safe bet entertainment in Telugu.

Analysis:: Adult comedies are very rare to come by. There are not easy to make as audiences shouldn’t be feeling irritated by the comedy and it shouldn’t be vulgar too. Tamil original, trades on a very thin line between being vulgar and cracking an adult unharmful joke. The timing of the actors sink well with the set-up and we can feel the comedy flowing as per the requirement rather than just being funny for the sake of it.

Even though we have a similar script and same premise, many jokes are lost in translation and even the actors aren’t that convincing too. We don’t feel scary looking at the ghost and also don’t feel that she is a beauty that we should drool over. The moment of the film is completely bland and the director’s efforts to spoof films remain at a very basic level than keeping the tone funny and moving the screenplay. The movie seems to be a desperate attempt at creating an adult comedy than really making one.

Rating: 1.5/5