Chatrapathi Remake: A massive risk with a lot to lose

Remakes in the current day and social media ruled generation is not the greatest idea, as comparisons with the original are inevitable. Remaking a film several years, and more than a decade later is an even bigger risk, as the trends that were common back then, and the sentiments that resonated back then, might have turned to be obsolete now.

Director VV Vinayak and Bellamkonda Srinivas are now taking the biggest risk of their lives, by remaking Chatrapathi in Hindi, 16 years after the film released in Telugu. Chatrapathi is considered to be a classic by Prabhas’s fans and is still one of the most relevant and trending movies in Telugu – with people constantly quoting from the movie to this day.

Given the staggering gap between when the movie was made, and when the remake is now being made, a lot of things have changed. Added to that is that the film is being remade in Bollywood, whose audiences have different sensibilities and preferences, and translating the original to appease the current audiences would be a tough task. Rajamouli’s direction and Prabhas’s action in the original are hailed to this day, and this is something that will be impossible for Vinayak and Srinivas to match up to. Considering these factors and a lot more, it is a highly risky task that Vinayak and Srinivas are up to, remaking Chatrapathi, which will either work out or fail miserably, with a lot to lose for both Vinayak and Srinivas. Here’s hoping for the best.

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