Changure Bangaru Raja Movie Review & Rating

  • September 15, 2023 / 04:14 PM IST

Cast & Crew

  • Karthik Ratnam (Hero)
  • Goldie Nissy (Heroine)
  • Satya, Ravi Babu , Nitya Sri, Ester Noronha and others (Cast)
  • Satish Varma (Director)
  • Ravi Teja (Producer)
  • Krishna Saurabh (Music)
  • Meherbaba and Ajju (Cinematography)

Changure Bangaru Raja, the newest film by actor Ravi Teja and featuring Karthik Ratnam, has recently been released. To find out how well the movie does, read our review.

Story: Kartik Ratnam’s character, Bangarraju, works as a bike mechanic in Duggada, Narsipatnam, where everyone is looking for colored stones. Things take a tragic turn one day when Somu Naidu (Raj Tirandasu), whom they had argued with, is discovered dead. Bangarraju is taken into custody by the police but escapes. Later, he sets out to track down the real murderer. Who is the defendant? What role do Gateelu (Ravi Babu) and Tatarao (Satya) play in the narrative? What took place next? To get the answers, see the film.

Performance: Satish Varma, the director, picks a compelling premise. Karthik Ratnam turns in a remarkable performance, with his perfect dialogue delivery taking center stage.

Satya did a great job portraying Karthik Ratnam’s sidekick; his facial expressions and dialogue delivery made the audience laugh out loud.

The second half’s introduction of Ravi Babu provides some entertainment, while the supporting cast gives good performances.

Technicalities: Satish Varma excels as a writer, but his directing skills should have been stronger. The overall impact of the movie could have been greatly increased with a more compelling screenplay.

The conditions are met by Sundar NC’s cinematography and Krishna Saurabh’s musical soundtrack. However, more vitality might have been added to the story by Karthik Vunnava’s sharper editing. Despite this, the movie has excellent production qualities.

Analysis: Although the concept has potential, the narration might use some work. Expectations are frequently raised by crime comedies, but in this case, the director struggles to find the proper balance.

Although Satish Varma’s writing has sophistication, it falls short of producing an intense script, a crucial element for this genre. The inventive strategy of telling the story from many points of view is diminished by the film’s uneven pacing throughout both sections.

It would have been better if the characters played by Goldie Nissy, Nitya Sri, and Ajay had been more intricately developed. Despite being shown on screen, they don’t really add anything to the story.

The humorous potential of Satya could have been completely utilized to increase the entertainment value of the movie. The only song in the movie also leaves a Not memorable impression.

Verdict: Changure Bangaru Raja is an unfinished crime comedy-drama overall. While Satya and Ravi Babu’s comic timing and Karthik Ratnam’s acting are noteworthy, the movie is hindered by its plodding narration and pointless sequences. If you’re cool with these, watch the movie, but don’t have high hopes.

Rating: 1.5/5

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