Chaitanya made me strong and confident – Samantha

Samantha Akkineni talked about her relationship with her husband Chaitanya Akkineni after Majili success and stated, “After Marriage, my path is more clear and I am more confident now!”

She explained, “Rather than luck, I would attribute it to the calmness that Chaitanya brought into my life. He made strong and confident to handle anything. I told him Super Deluxe story and said that I was doing the film. He gave a look and just said do it.”

She also said, “We don’t impose on each other at any instance. He likes the way, I think and gives my opinions all the respect. I do the same in return. Even Nagarjuna Mama never enters into our space. He encourages us to be more and more independent.”

Naga Chaitanya who also talked to the Media with her said, “I am really happy with Majili becoming such a success. I took the decision on my own to do the film and if it did not work, I would have been embarrassed to face my father.

He himself encouraged me to take my decisions on my own. But then when kids fail, parents will be more disappointed in him than ever. I’m happy that it is not the situation. Samantha was always confident of the film and we are extremely thankful to all who watched it and praised us,” concluded the young actor.