CBI report to declare what happened in Sushanth’s case!

CBI has completed their investigation about Sushanth Singh Rajput’s death and they are ready to submit their final report. Sushanth was found dead in his flat on 16th June, 2020. Mumbai Police have reported that the actor died due to suicide. He did not mention the reasons behind his decision and people started speculating foul play. Some said Rhea Chakraborthy killed him cleverly by using his habit of taking narcotics to her advantage.

Some said Maharashtra Government tried to cover up evidences to save one of its big political pawn. Media channels have tried their best to garner TRPs as much as they can from the issue. Several channels have gone beyond regular reporting and conducted their personal investigation regarding the case. Now, CBI came into the play and started investigation in every aspect.

Soon, they will file their closure report in High Court. Fans of the actor have started anti-nepotism groups on social media and let’s see how they will react post CBI submits their final report.