Captain Movie Review and Rating!

Tamil hero Arya’s film, Captain under the direction of Shakti Soundar Rajan had a simultaneous release in Telugu today. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: The film opens with mysterious death of a few military officers at Section 42 army camp near Himalayas. Later, the film shifts to the introduction of Captain Vijay Kumar(Arya) along with his team of batchmates. To find the whereabouts of suspicious incidents at Sector 42, the higher officials appoint Vijay Kumar and his team. What actually happens at Sector 42? Why is the Indian defence that particular about the region? How will Vijay find mystery events at Sector 42? To know that, you have to watch the film in the nearest cinemas.

Performances: Arya is okay with his physical appearance as a military officer but his acting fails to register. In most of the scenes the artificiality in his performance is clearly visible.

Actress Simran gets a meaty role but due to lack of proper writing, her role is wasted without creating any impact. Heroine Aishwarya Lekshmi and Harish Uttaman are okay in their cameo role.

Other artists such as Kavya Shetty, Aditya Menon and actors who played army officer roles are apt in the given roles.

Technicalities: Music by D Imman is a huge disappointment. The film has one passable situational song but the background score literally fails to elevate the mood of the film.

The cinematography work by S Yuva is decent as showcased the forest location nicely. Editing work by Pradeep E Ragav is not upto the mark.

The VFX and graphics work is done in a low-grade quality. The production values for this tight budget sci-fi drama are okay.

Analysis: The idea of making a sci-fi thriller in army backdrop is not a bad idea. Director Shakti Soundar Rajan’s intention of showcased the uneven circumstances which are causing damage to the mother nature is also appreciatable but the main demerit comes with his poorly written scene order and unengaging narrative. If he would have worked more on the execution part, the result would have been much better.

To summerize, Captain is dull and boring drama that has too many loopholes in the narrative part. Adding to it, the poorly done VFX work and predictable proceedings makes the film a tedious watch.

Verdict: Ignore it!

Rating: 1.5/5