Can we see Balayya’s Aghora episode?

Nandamuri Balakrishna and Boyapati Srinu’s combination have delivered two blockbusters. Boyapati Srinu knows how to present Boyapati Srinu in the best way possible. Simha and Legend are huge hits and Balayya’s look in these movies has got a completely positive response.

For their third collaboration, Boyapati Srinu has come up with another new idea. Boyapati Srinu has conceived the Aghora episode to Balakrishna. Though Balakrishna was skeptical he gave his nod. It is said that after shooting some key scenes on Aghora look, it was put on hold as shooting for those sequences will be quite a hectic task with the current prevailing situations.

However, Boyapati Srinu wanted to use these Aghora scenes at the end credits. He has conceived another episode in the place of the Aghora episode. Will Balakrishna agrees to use Aghora sequences in the movie is to be seen.

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