Can theatrical releases fare well this time?

The theatre business was a highly profitable one in the Telugus States, with constant releases, and constant public. When films made for the big screen – in terms of their visuals and spectacles – released, then the frenzy around theatres used to be entirely different.

The theatre business was thought to be affected due to the increasing popularity of OTT platforms in India, but no one foresaw the coronavirus pandemic, which made everyone resort to OTT content like never before. While theatres enjoyed their own place even after the lockdown in early 2021, the situation right now seems to be a lot grimmer than it was, previously.

When the theatres were opened in December last year, people were of the opinion that the coronavirus pandemic finally started to die down and people were trying to relax and escape what they had experienced. However, this time around, the situation is entirely different, with people scared of a possible third wave, and worried that they might have to succumb to the virus. The second wave left behind a highly devastating scenario than the first one, which makes it difficult to fathom whether theatre business will fare well this time, or if things will turn out to be the other way.

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