Can theatres and OTT co-exist?

The theatre space was the most dominant one in the Indian film industry until the coronavirus pandemic changed up everything, which turned OTT platforms into the most dominant ones, due to the shutting down of theatres. Many prominent films from various Indian languages. Theatres were once again revived during the early months of 2021, only in Tollywood though, but soon got shut down due to the second wave of the pandemic.

With no news of when theatres will be reopened again, everyone has begun to wonder if the theatre business will ever go back to being the same it was, before the coronavirus pandemic. Filmmakers are still hesitant to release their films in theatres right now, despite the Telangana government giving them the go-ahead for the releases of films.

While the current situation seems bleak for theatres, Tollywood producers seem to think that things will eventually get better. It is being said that while things may never go back to being the same ever again, there would arrive a time when theatre business would be a lot better when OTT platforms and theatrical releases will coexist together. Given that this was the case with Hollywood even before the pandemic, with OTT content having its own place, and theatrical releases having their own place, it doesn’t seem that unlikely in India.

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