Can the remake culture sustain in the current generation?

For decades together, films from other languages were remade in various other languages all over India. This was due to the language differences from state to state. This went on for decades together, but in the current age where everything is available on digital platforms, and when everything comes with subtitles, the need and necessity for remakes actually cease to exist.

We live in a generation where films are being made specifically for the various digital platforms at exist in India, and worldwide. Given that there’s a global consumption of content, films and web series are always coming with subtitles. When subtitles come into the picture, the language barrier that used to exist previously doesn’t exist anymore.

Remaking films now has a lot of stakes involved in it, and is a highly risky affair, as people would have watched the original already, there would be inevitable comparisons between the remake and the original. The best example for viewers not caring, and tearing apart the remake, after having watched the original would be Jaanu, the Telugu remake of the Tamil classic 96. Audiences everywhere had already watched and fallen in love with the original, so there was no necessity of remaking it in the first place. However, the film got a remake, and audiences straight out rejected it. Judging by the way audiences are now rejecting remakes that are way below the standards of the original, remakes remain a gamble and not a safe bet anymore.

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