Can small films make any theatrical impact?

Small films have been suffering greatly at theatres, especially this year, due to the increase in ticket prices, and the general lack of intrigue among audiences, who prefer to watch normal films from the comfort of their homes.

Apart from RRR and KGF 2, no other film did greatly at the box office in the last few months, including big films like Acharya and others. Even Superstar Mahesh Babu’s Sarkaru Vaari Paata, which was released last week, is struggling to pull in the numbers, especially due to the ticket prices. At a time like this, with many medium to small budget movies gearing up to release from June, it looks like a tough task agead for filmmakers.

While the main reason may be high ticket prices, for audiences to not go to theatres, the changing interests in another factor. The pandemic got everyone used to watching content on OTT platforms, from the comfort of their homes, and it is to be seen whether this phase is here to stay, or if it would eventually pass.

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