Can Sharwanand’s film recover?

Sharwanand is a proven actor in Tollywood, who has never let the audience down with his performance, no matter how his films turned out to be. His recent release, Aadavallu Meeku Johaarlu, which was released on March 4th, held a lot of promise, and even had good expectations on it, so much so that everyone that this would make Sharwanand’s comeback, as the actor hasn’t been able to taste good success for the past few years.

Upon its release though, AMJ turned out to be disappointing, not in terms of its storyline, but in terms of its performance at the box office. The film made just a little over Rs. 1.2 Crores on its first day, which is significantly less than the Rs. 4 Crores that Sreekaram made, which was Sharwanand’s last solo outing. While a number of factors are being stated as the reasons, the main one is being stated as the release of the Hollywood film, The Batman, which saw a great opening.

Given the positive word of mouth that AMJ has been getting, it is being said that the film would pick up in the coming days, but given that Prabhas”s Radhe Shyam is just six days away, it is to be seen if the film will be able to recover or not.

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