Can RRR’s effect continue to be untouched?

RRR, which was released on March 25th, has not been showing any signs of slowing down since its release. The film continues to do very well all across India, and there hasn’t been a single release that’s been able to dispute its run at the box office so far.

Even Varun Tej’s Ghani, which was released today, has not been able to dent the run of RRR in any way, and in turn, it is RRR that seems to be affecting Ghani’s run at the box office. As a result, it’s now being said that only KGF 2, which is all set to be released on April 14th, might be able to dethrone RRR as the king of the box office. However, there are also speculations that since Vijay’s Beast is releasing on April 13th, there would be strong competition for KGF 2, which could turn out to be a tough task.

On the other hand, RRR is expected to slow down nonetheless, in the next few weeks, as a number of films are geared up to release for the summer. So far, RRR has broken many records, and continues to do so.

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