Can RRR break through the post-pandemic culture?

Director SS Rajamouli broke every record in the Indian Film Industry with the Baahubali franchise, managing it to make it the biggest phenomenon in the country, to the extent that the films brought even the rarest audience to the theatres. Such a phenomenon was never seen before in the Indian film industry, and while Rajamouli’s upcoming film, RRR, has every chance of recreating such a phenomenon once again, there are many factors working against the film.

The way the audience prefers to watch a film changed drastically due to the pandemic, with most of the audience preferring to watch anything in the comfort of their homes, on the many OTT platforms available to them. For a film to be able to bring them to the theatre, it needs to be highly exceptional.

From the trailer, teasers and everything else, it sure does look like there’s a lot going for RRR, making it special. It is now to be seen if the film will be able to break through the pandemic culture and stand out to be exceptional, more so than any other film that’s been released in recent times.

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