Can Rajamouli satisfy fans at least this time around?

Director Rajamouli is a master of his craft, always managing to give the best output and satisfying his audiences, by giving them more than what they expected. However, there is one area the director always falls behind on, unable to satisfy fans and audiences.

Rajamouli is infamous for his long filming schedules, never compromising on the quality of his films. While the output more than makes up for his delays, the lead up to the release of his films is one of the most excruciatingly painful process to go through, especially for the fans of his leading actors. It is now being said that Rajamouli is about to begin promotions for RRR very soon, and as a result, fans of NTR and Ram CHaran are expecting an update from the film for Diwali.

There have been several instances where Rajamouli disappointed everyone with his updates, or the lack thereof, of any updates, when fans most expected them. Hence, there are good chances that fans might be disappointed even now. Though, given that RRR is scheduled to release for January 7th, 2022, and the scale on which it is made, there are high chances that an update could be released for Diwali, to increase the buzz around the film.

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