Can Rajamouli achieve the impossible with Mahesh’s film?

For anything to be perfect, it takes time, and there’s no better proof for this theory than director SS Rajamouli himself. The director is infamous for the huge amount of time he takes to complete a film, with the Baahubali franchise taking five years to complete.

The director’s initial plan was to complete shooting for his recently released film RRR, in a maximum of two years, but with the covid pandemic, things changed drastically, pushing and delaying the release of the film several times. With RRR now being released, and performing wonders at the box office as well, all eyes have shifted to the director’s next project, which will feature Superstar Mahesh Babu in the lead role.

It is now being reported that Rajamouli plans to wrap up the film within a year, but considering his track record, not many think that this is an achievable task for the director, considering his penchant for perfection. It is now to be seen if the director will be able to achieve the impossible task by finishing Mahesh’s film in a year, from the time they start shooting.

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