Can Puri Jagannadh reclaim his position?

Puri Jagannadh established himself as one of the most promising and consistent directors of Tollywood within a very short span of his career. He rose to superstardom with the industry hit of Pokiri, the success of which resounded all over India. While he has delivered several successful films after Pokiri, he never really hit it out of the park after that, with audiences feeling that Puri lost his touch.

The director delivered a good hit with Temper after that, which remains iconic to date, as it also marked the comeback of NTR after several films turned out to be disasters at the box office. However, most of the movie’s credit went to NTR, and the story was written by Vakkantham Vamsi. Post Temper, Puri’s Ismart Shankar was the only successful film, which was ridiculed for its wafer-thin plot.

Now, Puri is gearing up with an action entertainer in the form of Liger, which seems to show a lot of promise, with the right mix of content and entertainment. It is now to be seen whether the director will back to his niche and reclaim his position or not.

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